The Writers Panel with Ben Blacker

Creator/executive producer Joelle Garfinkel, director/executive producer David Slack, and co-star/executive producer Kate Bond discuss their new web-series, including its origins, the thematic goals, production, and lots more. Cam Girls premieres June 1 at!

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Director/co-writer Jack Plotnick and VFX supervisor Billy Brooks discuss the independent science fiction period black comedy, available now On Demand.

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Showrunner Chad Hodge (creator of The Playboy Club, Runaway, and All About Us) talks about writing scripts you're passionate about, getting his unexpected break, early success in the Peter Engels (Saved by the Bell) camp, Oprah, writing pilots, and how the Fox limited series came together. Wayward Pines premieres this Thursday, May 14, on Fox!

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Jane the Virgin creator/showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman (Gilmore Girls; Hope & Faith; Men in Trees) discusses the various stages of the show's development, finding Jane's voice, collaborating with her writers' room, the creation and cancelation of her previous CW series, Emily Owens MD, and lots more. 

The finale of Jane the Virgin airs Monday, May 11. Don't miss it!


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