The Writers Panel

The writers of The People vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, as well as Ed Wood, The People Vs. Larry Flint, and more discuss how the ten-episode OJ story is different to writing a feature, its Dickensian appeal, writing real people, rebranding after their first feature, Problem Child, formatting, and lots more.

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Kevin Williamson (creator, Dawson's Creek, The Following; Scream; co-creator, The Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, more) and Julie Plec (co-creator The Vampire Diaries, The Originals; creator, Containment) look back over their working relationship, where it started and what they’ve learned from each other when it comes to navigating their way through Hollywood, co-creating a hit TV show, and running multiple shows at once. Moderated by Carina MacKenzie (writer, The Originals).

Recorded at ATX Television Fest in June 2015.

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Creator/star Will Forte (Saturday Night Live; MacGruber), showrunner Andy Bobrow (Community) and writers Tim McAuliffe, Erica Rivinoja, Erik Durbin, Matt Marshall, Kira Kalush, Dave Noel, and John Solomon. The Last Man On Earth returns on March 6th on Fox!

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Ever wonder how your favorite series was pitched in the room? Hear directly from showrunners/creators how they pitched their original series ideas, plus executives that have heard some of the most iconic pitches. They discuss the factors that affected the original pitch, the pilot, and the ultimate series, and why certain changes may have been made to get their story onto your TV. With Dan Harmon (creator, Community), Michael Jacobs (creator, Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World), producer Mark Johnson (Rectify; Breaking Bad), and HBO Director of Programming Kathleen McCaffrey.

Recorded at ATX Television Fest in June 2015.

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Kenya Barris (creator, Black-ish); Jonathan Groff (co-showrunner, Black-ish; creator, Andy Barker PI); Mike Scully (The Simpsons; Parks & Recreation; Everybody Loves Raymond); Lilla Zuckerman & Nora Zuckerman (Suits; Haven; Fringe).

Recorded at 826LA on January 24, 2016.

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Traditional seasons are a thing of the past. With new content available to viewers at all times, and the distance between seasons being anywhere from 6 weeks to 22 months, there is a new reality that TV is a year-round industry. It's discussed by Noah Hawley (creator, Fargo), Beau Willimon (creator, House of Cards), Mickey Fisher (creator, Extant), and Graeme Manson (co-creator, Orphan Black).

Moderated by The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman. Recorded at ATX Television Fest in June 2015.

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The Survivor host and showrunner, screenwriter, director, producer, and author discusses storytelling in all of its forms, learning by doing, finding big drama in small, personal moments, collaborating, honesty, and lots more.

The new season of Survivor begins February 17 on CBS!

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The new showrunner of The Muppets discusses taking the reigns on that show, working with felt, jokes and heart, starting out as writers' assistant and her first job on That 70's Show, and her work on The Neighbors, Galavant, and more.

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Creator Bridget Carpenter (Friday Night Lights; Red Road) discusses the new Hulu series based upon the Stephen King novel. She talks about her enthusiasm for the project, working with King, JJ Abrams, and James Franco, drawing out the themes that interested her, honesty in the writers' room, and lots more. 11/22/63 premieres on Hulu on Presidents Day, February 15th.

Live Writers Panels coming up in LA!

-2/21 at 826LA in Echo Park: Daredevil showrunners Douglas Petrie (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Marco Ramirez (Fear the Walking Dead); Melissa Rosenberg (creator/showrunner, Jessica Jones; writer, Twilight films); Jason Katims (creator, Parenthood and About a Boy; showrunner, Friday Night Lights; EP, The Path); Jessica Goldberg (creator, The Path). 

-2/23 at Meltdown in Hollywood: Last Man on Earth with creator/star Will Forte, showrunner Andy Bobrow, and more! Sneak preview of a new episode! 


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Creators/executive producers Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland, and writer/producer Ryan Ridley. Moderated by Variety executive editor Debra Birnbaum.

Recorded at ATX Television Fest in June 2015.

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