Nerdist Writers Panel

Damon Lindelof (co-creator, Lost, The Leftovers), Chris Dingess (Agent Carter), Noelle Valdivia (Ash Vs the Evil Dead; Manhattan), and Kit Boss (iZombie; Bob’s Burgers).

Recorded September 13, 2015.

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“Funny Pages” panel with Ryan Condal (co-creator, Colony), Adam Rogers (Wired magazine, author of Proof: The Science of Booze), and Tom DeLonge (Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves).

Recorded at San Diego Comic Con, July 12, 2015.

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Marc Guggenheim (co-creator, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow), Corinne Marshall (School of Rock; Surviving Jack; creator, KC Undercover), Evan Bleiweiss (Rosewood; Matador; The Shield), and Laura Valdivia (Hot and Bothered; Weird Loners; Ben & Kate).

Recorded August 23, 2015.

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Join Heath Corson (Bizarro, Batman:Assault on Arkham) for this Q&A with filmmaker Barry Ira Geller and Heavy Metal CEO Jeff Krelitz recorded live at the art unveiling of Jack Kirby’s legendary concept art for “The Lord of Light” film AND theme park (seriously).  The art also has a incredible secret history as its best known for it’s use as a to rescue six Iranian hostages as told in the film Argo.  (Also seriously) 

Recorded live at Meltdown Comics.   

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Family Men: Masters of the Family Sitcom with Norman Lear (creator of All in The Family, The Jeffersons, Maude, One Day at a Time, Sanford and Son, Good Times, and MORE), Phil Rosenthal (creator of Everybody Loves Raymond), and Steve Levitan (co-creator of Modern Family).

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Join us for a lively panel discussion with a very engaged audience on the ups and downs of careers in cartoons between voice actor Jason Spisak (Young Justice), producer/writer/director/artist Shannon Eric Denton (Ultimate Spider-Man) , and writers Heath Corson (Throne of Atlantis), and Adam Beechen (Transformers: Robots In Disguise). Topics include getting started, finding ideas and staying sane.

Recorded at Phoenix Comic-Con May 28-31, 2015


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The creator of Peaky Blinders, The Detectives, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and screenwriter of the upcoming Pawn Sacrifice and World War Z II, as well as Locke, Closed Circuit, Eastern Promises, Dirty Pretty Things, and others discusses his process, structure, telling six-hour stories, collaboration, and more. Pawn Sacrifice is in cinemas tomorrow.

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Superstar comics creator Arthur Adams (X-Men, Monkeyman and O’Brien, Longshot) joins Heath Corson and Adam Beechen to discuss dinosaurs, monsters, how he got his start, monsters, deadlines, dinosaurs, his breakthrough in Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew, his influences, dinosaurs, Jonni Future, and a whole bunch of other things, including dinosaurs, monsters and dinosaurs.

Recorded at Phoenix Comic-Con May 28-31, 2015


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Writer/creator Damon Lindelof, director/executive producer Mimi Leder, and co-stars Ann Dowd, Chris Eccleston, Carrie Coon discuss the first season of the HBO series and what's coming next. 

Recorded June 7, 2015 at ATX

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Adaptions are hard enough — honoring an original vision, satisfying a fan base, and translating characters from one medium (written word or film) to another (episodic television). What if in addition to that, you also had to balance tone, voices, and rhythm? Join a conversation between three unique, powerhouse creators, who have managed to do something beyond adaptation: they have respected the original distinctive worlds and characters, while managing to create something of their own. With Bryan Fuller (creator, Hannibal), Noah Hawley (creator, Fargo), and Graham Yost (creator, Justified). Moderated by James Hibberd (Entertainment Weekly).

Recorded June 6, 2015 at ATX


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